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Offering Revolutionary Financing Tactics to Death Care and Health Care Principals

We're Hudson & Hudson Consultants, having brokered and expedited financing for the Death Care and Health Care Industries since 1989. We assist in large and small crisis financing and acquisition contracts.

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Backed by a team of experienced professionals, including Senior Partner John Lee Hudson (CEO), whose financial wizardry has been heralded in the Wall Street Journal, Dallas Business Journal and other international publications, Hudson and Hudson works with CPAs as a conduit to regional and national lenders for acquisition and financing solutions. Senior partner Darrell Eugene Costa (COO) facilitates communications and advertising, enabling clients easier access to mortgage brokers, financiers, bankers and private lenders. Past clients since 1989 have benefited tremendously by macro and micro economic expertise in getting the lowest interest financing contracts.  Currently, Hudson&Hudson has saved the Death Care and Health Care Industry sectors tens of millions of dollars through a unique combination of economic science and lender scrutiny. Please get in touch with us today to learn how can help your CPAs acquire the absolute best financing terms to survive current and future crises.

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Death Care Provider Solutions

Hudson and Hudson has an acute understanding of the financing challenges of owners and CPAs in the death care and health care service industries. By working with regional and national sources of funding, (especially in crisis conditions) as well as with private financiers, Hudson and Hudson has proved to obtain the lowest interest rates for commercial loans. Historically, Hudson and Hudson has negotiated borrower contracts that save 15K$ per each 100K$ borrowed with every 1% lowering of the interest rate. Using both macro and micro analysis of the economy, as well as scrutiny of lenders' Statement of Conditions, Hudson's team secures the best mutually beneficial terms for both lender and borrower.

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